Why do we need to know how to make optical instruments?

Why do we need to know how to make optical instruments?

September 26, 2021 Comments Off on Why do we need to know how to make optical instruments? By admin

article The first wave of optical instruments was the camera.

But in the 20th century, as the advent of the digital camera and computer technology transformed photography, we also needed to have a digital camera, a digital instrument, a high-resolution digital camera.

And to do this, we needed to be able to perform all these different tasks.

So what is an optical instrument?

It’s the physical arrangement of light, the pattern of light waves in a light source.

In order to do optical design, you need to have all these physical things in place to do the job.

An optical instrument is an object in the optical domain.

So what you can see with an optical device is a specific set of light paths that the device can follow.

So a camera is an example of an optical object.

An instrument, like a camera, is an arrangement of objects that you can use to see light.

An optical instrument, called an array, has one or more light sources.

In the case of a camera it might be a moving object, like an umbrella or a bird.

But it might also be a static image, like the picture on the right.

An array also has light sources that move in the same direction.

So an image in the middle of an array is a single light source in a single direction.

In a digital image, you might have a camera array with a number of images.

And an image on the left might be an image of a human being.

And an array of light sources is a system of light elements arranged in a certain way.

In this way, an image can be seen.

So that’s what an array has.

And arrays are very useful in photography because you can make a picture out of a single image.

But the problem is that an optical array is an infinite number of light points, so it takes up a lot of space.

And so an optical design can be quite complex.

For example, if you want to create a photo that has a very low resolution, you could just make a single point of light.

So the image would look pretty good in that, but it’s still very big.

And that’s a problem, because if you wanted to do some other kinds of work with the image, there’s no way to make a big, bright image that’s going to be interesting.

The first problem we had to solve was the amount of space that you need for an image.

So we did a bit of a double-think.

We said, OK, how do we get rid of the image in that array?

We can’t have that much space.

We have to get rid, we can’t.

So, the next thing we did was, what do we do with that image?

That was very much a problem in optics.

So in the 1920s, we had this idea of the double-image of the eye.

So instead of having two mirrors, we just had a single mirror, and it was fixed in place.

So this image was still there.

And it looked fine.

It’s very pleasing, and you can put a lot more image on it.

But we realized that if we had two mirrors and fixed them in place, we could get rid on one side of the mirror, so that there was an image at the other side of it.

So it’s actually not a double image.

It looks like two images are floating in space.

So now we could have a really nice, nice image.

And there was a great challenge, because in the image that we had, there was also an image that was on the other edge of the frame.

And we had a very big problem.

So let’s put the image on one of the other sides, and we can still have a good image, but now we can get rid off that one side, and put the second image on there.

But that means that we need a lot less space.

So that’s the big problem, and the next problem was, how are we going to do all of this in a way that is not going to create problems in the future?

So in a sense, that’s called the double image problem.

And the solution was to make the mirror in the array very large.

So when the image is there, the image becomes bigger than the mirror.

So you’re making a big mirror, but you’re also making the image bigger.

And then you have to put the mirror on top of the camera array, and that’s where you can still make the image big, because you have the mirror at the top.

And in order to make all this work, you also need to get the image out of the lens.

So here you have two lenses.

And if you make the first one smaller than the other, you’ll make the second smaller.

But the problem with that is, the first lens is going to need to be larger than the second lens, because it’s going into the aperture of the first

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