The Next Frontier in the Microphone: FourFour Two – The Next Horizon in the Sound

The Next Frontier in the Microphone: FourFour Two – The Next Horizon in the Sound

September 19, 2021 Comments Off on The Next Frontier in the Microphone: FourFour Two – The Next Horizon in the Sound By admin

FourFourOne is pleased to announce the acquisition of the flagship microphone for the next generation of high-end audio.

FourFourTwo, the leading manufacturer of award-winning high-performance microphones for high-definition audio applications, has joined forces with FourFour One to build a highly competitive product range that combines FourFour’s patented proprietary design and high-quality manufacturing processes to provide a new generation of premium microphones with the capability to capture high-resolution sound and dynamic range.

FourFive is an independent operator of a large number of independent microphones in the audio space, including the world’s largest digital audio recorder company and a large player in the high-tech audio audio market.

In addition, FourFive provides a wide range of audio equipment and services for businesses, government agencies, and universities.

FourFifteen is an award-nominated studio, design, and audio company based in Austin, Texas.

The company was founded in 2004 and has produced award-winners such as the flagship Alesis A4, the award-winner AlesIS A2, and the award winning KEF EZ.

The FourFive team has been recognized by The Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and the Recording Industry Association of America.

FourFive will remain headquartered in Austin.

The new FourFour, FourFourTwenty, and FourFourEleven will be available from January 15, 2019, for $3,699 and $4,699, respectively.

The new FourFive, FourFifteen, and fourfourteenteen will be sold in four separate categories from January 1, 2020, to February 15, 2020.

FourFour will be the first major U.S. company to release a new flagship microphone with a focus on dynamic range and sound.

The innovative, affordable, and high performance microphone combines four FourFour sensors, four FourFive microphones, and two FourFifths to capture a large dynamic range that is more than three times that of any microphone currently available.

FourFifth is an active, full-service audio engineering company.

FourTen, which was founded by FourFour and FourFive in 2008, provides an array of cutting-edge microphones and microphones solutions that are uniquely tailored to the needs of the audio industry.

In fact, FourTen’s mission is to provide solutions that help the audio and visual industries reach their full potential and deliver a new paradigm of sound in the world.

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About FourFour:FourFour is an industry leader in audio and video audio solutions and the pioneer in high-res audio solutions for professional, professional-level, and consumer audio.

FourSix is a leading producer of audio and audio video products and services, including microphones, video solutions, and digital audio products and solutions.

FourEight is an internationally recognized leader in high resolution, dynamic sound.

FourNine is a leader in digital audio solutions.

FourEight is headquartered in Santa Monica, California.

FourNineteen is an online leader in professional audio, video, and visual audio products, including high-fidelity digital audio, high-power audio, and professional-grade video.

FourTwenty is an innovative company that helps businesses, organizations, and students reach their fullest potential through cutting-out barriers to the world of digital audio.

For more information on FourFour or FourEight, visit the FourFour website.

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