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How to use the optical fibre cameras to study planets with telescopes

July 13, 2021 Comments Off on How to use the optical fibre cameras to study planets with telescopes By admin

Scientists in Japan have developed an optical fibre camera that allows them to use it to image planets with a wide range of telescopes.

The cameras are the first step in the development of an affordable, low-cost telescope that can be used to study worlds like our own.

The researchers say their work is the first to use optical fibre sensors to image stars, comets, asteroids and other objects in real time.

Their work was published today (April 30) in the journal Nature.

“We have been studying planets for decades, but it’s always been a challenge to get high resolution images of these objects,” said Takashi Tanaka, a graduate student at Tohoku University and lead author of the study.

“The sensor we are using is the very first of its kind.”

Tanaka said that because it is a small sensor, it is also sensitive to the light from the surrounding environment.

That is why the researchers were able to make the images from different wavelengths of light.

Tanaka and his colleagues used two sensors to create a composite image of the solar system’s most distant objects.

In a previous study, they used two identical cameras to create an image of an icy moon of Jupiter, which they said was the first image of a planet to be made using two cameras.

Tanakas team has a different approach, using two optical fibre optics that have a wavelength of between 300 and 600 nanometers.

The sensors are attached to the back of the cameras.

The first sensor is the one that contains the laser, which transmits information about the position of the camera, and the second sensor contains a beam of light from an electron microscope that can measure how much light the camera is receiving.

The images are taken by two cameras connected to an optical fibreglass telescope.

Tanas team says they are able to take a wide-angle image, showing the surface of an object in front of the telescope.

The team says the images can be processed by software to make them easier to read, with the result that they can be seen and studied from different distances.

They say that this is the only technique they have found to create high-resolution images of large-scale objects that are difficult to obtain from telescopes.

Tanaki said that they plan to continue to develop their technology and use it for other astronomical applications.

Tanita said that while they have been developing the technology for several years, the technology is still very new.

“This is the biggest achievement of our lifetime,” he said.

“I am really proud of this achievement.”

The paper was written by Takashi Kiyoshi, Katsuya Nishikoshi, Hiroshi Yamada, Toshio Miyamoto, and Takashi Tanaka.

The work was supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JSTA).

About this project The research was supported in part by the Japanese Research Foundation.

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