How to measure the distance between two galaxies

How to measure the distance between two galaxies

June 17, 2021 Comments Off on How to measure the distance between two galaxies By admin

From the vantage point of the Andromeda galaxy, you can look through a telescope and see what appears to be the galaxy’s innermost star.

But the distance from that star to the galaxy is not just the distance to the star but also to the center of the galaxy, and that center is a black hole.

Now, a team of astronomers has taken a look at the star in order to figure out the mass of that black hole, and they have found it is about two billion times larger than previously thought.

“We know this black hole is about four times as massive as previously thought,” said Michael P. Pescatore, an astrophysicist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, who led the study.

“But this is the first time we have been able to measure its mass directly.

We were only able to observe it with a small telescope.”

A new measurement of a black-hole-sized black hole Astronomers used the Advanced Very Large Array (VLA) to measure how much mass a black holes body has in a galaxy.

By measuring the mass from the edge of the black hole as it moves toward the galaxy center, astronomers can calculate the mass and distance of that galaxy’s center, which is also called the center line.

“It’s a measurement of the distance of a large object to a large region in space,” said Pescate.

“When you measure the mass directly from the center, it’s very easy to see that it’s about two-to-three times larger.”

To measure the black-dwarf mass, astronomers used a technique called the “F-gap” to measure a galaxy’s distance to its center.

A black hole’s mass can be determined by the mass it contains, which in this case is the sum of its mass and the density of its material.

For a black black hole to be large, its mass has to be about one-third of its radius.

“That’s about as much mass as the entire galaxy would have,” said Jodie Buell, an astronomer at the University of California, Berkeley, and one of the authors of the new study.

In the new paper, published online in the Astrophysical Journal, the researchers calculate that the black giant is about one trillion times the mass in the Milky Way, or about four billion times the distance it takes a person to walk to the galactic center.

The black hole has about one billion times more mass than a sun-sized star.

“The magnitude of this black-black mass is quite remarkable,” Pescator said.

“I’m really surprised at the magnitude of it.

It’s quite an astronomical thing to find.”

Black holes have previously been studied using the X-ray data that comes from X-rays emitted from stars.

But X-Ray observations are not directly available for studying the mass or mass distribution of black holes.

The new method requires observing the X rays with a telescope to see the properties of the matter and energy that compose a black body.

That allows astronomers to measure changes in X- rays with precision.

Pernilla Martins, a graduate student in astrophysics at Johns University, used the XSAR telescope at Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile to take the measurements.

The telescope was set up in a specially designed “transit tunnel,” where the X SRT can look at different wavelengths and use that information to measure X- Ray flux from stars in different galaxies.

“For us, the most interesting X- ray observations are the infrared wavelengths, which are the most intense and have the most properties,” Martins said.

XSIRIS measurements were made using two telescopes.

The first was equipped with an instrument called the XRBI instrument.

XRBi uses a very sensitive radio telescope, and it emits radio waves that travel at a much faster rate than X-Rays.

The second telescope was equipped to receive XSRT observations.

The XRBS instrument was equipped for the measurements of XSRS.

XRS, which stands for “x-ray-resolved spectroscopy,” is a type of spectroscopic technique that uses the X radiation from a black box to measure properties of matter in the universe.

The results of XRS measurements are then combined with observations of the XBRS instrument, which detects the X X-radiation emitted from a galaxy and uses that data to calculate its mass.

PES was used to measure both XBBS and XRS observations.

Martins and Pescato used the same XBES instrument as they used in the previous studies.

“Both the XRS and XBSS measurements are very sensitive and very detailed, which makes them very good tools for measuring the XK star,” Martens said.

This new measurement allowed them to make comparisons of XK and XK stars.

XK is the smallest of the six main types of stars in the night sky, and the X K-type stars are very faint.

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