A world-first laser to perform surgery at room temperature

A world-first laser to perform surgery at room temperature

August 21, 2021 Comments Off on A world-first laser to perform surgery at room temperature By admin

Optical surgery is being developed by researchers in the UK and Canada.

They are now testing a system that will allow surgeons to operate on patients in their own bodies at room temperatures.

The device is a new type of surgical instrument that can use light to move parts of the body to the operating room and remove tissue.

The team, from Imperial College London, used light to light up the skin of a patient in a clinical trial of the technology.

They implanted an electrode in the skin and connected the device to a light source to light a small incision on the patient’s body.

It worked for about an hour and a half and the device was able to move the skin to a position where surgeons could operate.

The system works by using lasers to beam light at the skin, which the researchers say could be used to perform skin surgery in a safe and painless manner.

In a study published in the journal Nature Medicine, the researchers found that they could use light emitted from the patient to light their own skin.

This was a very significant breakthrough for a technology that has been around for a long time but had never been tested at room-temperature.

The researchers say that using lasers at room temp was a practical option for surgical procedures because they are able to make a very precise cut in a very short time.

They also found that the technique was very safe.

They did not detect any sign of an abnormal response from the patients body, which means that it was not a potential side effect of using the device at room tem.

It was a good indication of the effectiveness of the technique and they hope that future versions of the device could be produced with greater safety, and would be easier to use.

However, the research team have said that more research needs to be done before it is commercially viable.

They also warn that the method could lead to dangerous side effects for some patients, including burns, as the electrodes do not always connect correctly.

This article first appeared on BBC News.

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