A little bit of space on the inside of the Mars Rover’s nose

A little bit of space on the inside of the Mars Rover’s nose

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Posted November 15, 2019 04:32:24As the Mars rovers mission continues, NASA’s Curiosity and Opportunity teams are also preparing for the next step.

The rover’s mission director, Marc Rayman, has been on the job since August, when the rover landed on Mars.

NASA’s rover team is making sure that all the components are in place for the spacecraft to land safely.

They have a big plan for the craft to land on Mars that they will share at a meeting in October.

They will begin to build the vehicle as it begins to land, then begin the final testing before it lands on the surface of Mars.

The final step of the plan is to have the vehicle take off and then land on the Martian surface.

The final part of the plans are to send the craft back to Earth, so it can send back images of the landing site.

NASA has also been working on sending the craft’s instruments back to the laboratory to make sure the rover can communicate with them.

That process is also going to happen at the end of the mission.NASA will be spending hundreds of millions of dollars to send two of its Curiosity rover teams back to Mars.

One of the teams, called “Mars Science Laboratory” (MSL), will land on an outcrop of sand called “Wadi Rijala,” or “Wedge of Rijal,” on Mars’ Red Planet.

The other rover, called Mars Odyssey, will land a bit further from Wadi Rjaal.

The MSL and Odyssey teams will be working together on the mission that includes sending a small piece of lander science instrument called a “satellite.”

It will be the only spacecraft that will have a lander on Mars and then take the lander down to the surface.

The lander is equipped with instruments that will be able to look for signs of water, minerals, and other life on Mars, and can even pick up radio signals from other landers that have landed there.

MSL has a very small crew and will not be able use its instruments to get up close to the ground on Mars without a lot of extra equipment, so that will not work well.NASA has sent two of the rover teams, MSL, to Mars, so this mission is part of their mission plan.

The spacecraft will be sent to Mars on October 15, 2020.NASA is working with the European Space Agency and Russia’s Roscosmos to get the landers ready for the final test.

The test will last about two weeks, so the landering mission will not happen until after the rover team has landed on the planet.

The landers will be tested with different types of instruments.

One type of instrument will test the chemistry of the Martian atmosphere.

The second instrument will examine the Martian crust.

This will be done with instruments called “methane and water” instruments.

A sample will also be sent into space to make certain the samples are clean enough to study them.

This would also be done by the landER lander, which is about the size of a shoebox.

The sample will be about a foot in diameter, which means it will take about two days to carry all the data that will enable scientists to see what the rover did on the Mars surface.

There are several more details that NASA will share about the test before the rover lands on Mars on November 15.

NASA also wants to know how the landings are going.

So far, the landing has been very successful, but NASA has not been able to land successfully on the Red Planet itself.

NASA will be using the landESAT instrument on Mars to learn more about the atmosphere of Mars and the conditions on Mars at the time that the landesers are landing.

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